Blood Tattoo is a graphic novel trilogy series, created and written by

best-selling and worldwide acclaimed author, Chrys Phillips


The first installment of the trilogy Enlightenment is available for international purchase,

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Are legends just a myth? 

Meet Jensen West, a wealthy heir who doesn't fit into his upper class responsibilities. After a freakish accident that lands Jensen in the ICU, he learns the truth of what his ancestral destiny holds! Jensen finds himself evolving, becoming powerful with an unworldly strength towards a destiny he never asked for. 


The Blood Tattoo has marked his body and his new fate. The question is, is he going to defy its call or be the one he was born to be?


Myth has now risen into reality! Into our reality, into our world and Jensen West is the pivotal catalyst to its rise! 


When a tattoo marks his destiny... Vigilante or Anarchist?

What path does he choose?

ILLICT - Volume II


As West continues on his imminent journey, love and risk enter his world in a way that pushes him to make decisions he never thought he would. In between the shadows of danger and chaos, Jensen must show his strength to dominate the rebellion of others, creating mutiny against his kind. Jensen West’s secret identity is under threat…can he keep it hidden? And at what peril?


True confessions and inner emotions unleash as the world around them in Brookfalls is under a devastating doom!




Where does Jensen’s loyalty lie? When his world was unraveled with the transformation of the blood tattoo and he learned who his true allies were along the road, his quest has now brought him to this moment in time; where nobility is his true fate. But what does this nobility hold?


Brookfalls has been his home and now another place is beckoning him…